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As a legal guardian of a minor child, an adult, other than the child's parent, may be granted full or partial authority to make decisions on the child's behalf in all matters relating to living arrangements, legal decisions, education and financial affairs. This is the case whether the guardianship is long-term or is the result of an emergency or temporary appointment.

The attorneys at TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP, will explain the guardianship process in California and handle the details of gathering necessary records and filing the petition correctly. In the event an investigation or hearing is required, we work with clients to prepare the necessary evidence and statements.

In some instances, one or both parents may not agree to a proposed guardianship. Our firm has also represented parents opposing a petition for guardianship. Our detailed knowledge of the process often gives clients an advantage in such matters. It also allows us to provide honest advice about the possible outcomes of guardianship disputes.

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