Do You Really Need To Hire An Attorney For Your Custody Case?

You might think that you know what is best for your child when it comes to a custody and parenting time plan. Unfortunately, your co-parent may not agree with any of your ideas about the arrangement that the two of you should have in place moving forward. While the goal is to develop an agreement that meets the objectives of both sides and remains in the child's best interests, this is often an issue that remains unresolved until the very last moment.

At TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP, our attorneys see clients time and time again who have come to our office to try to revisit an existing custody order. Often, there is little that we can do to reverse the damage that they have done to their case. In many situations, these parents tried to handle their case without an experienced lawyer to assist them, and it has left them in a terrible position with few options available to them.

We wanted to take a few moments to provide you with three key reasons why you should hire an attorney to help with your custody case. Whether or not you ultimately choose us to represent you, we feel it is important for you to understand the benefits that you should be getting from your law firm.

Do You Really Know What Is In Your Child's Best Interests?

As a parent, you may want to do everything possible to protect the time you have with your kids. That is very understandable, and no one should ever judge you for wanting to continue to be a major part of your child's life. However, your co-parent may not feel the same way.

This often leaves both sides unwilling to make any concessions, which places the children in the middle of the dispute. Even though you think you are doing what is best for the kids, you and your co-parent are making everything much more difficult for them in the long run. What's worse, you might even find yourself unable to get the agreement you want if things are not resolved prior to trial.

When a custody dispute heads to court, the judges use the "best interests" standard to determine the appropriate custody and parenting time arrangement. They review several specific factors that they then use to try to craft an order that often leaves both sides extremely unhappy. This is not an ideal situation for anyone involved.

You Have One Chance To Tell Your Story

When you appear before a judge to explain why your custody plan should be the one that he or she selects, you have exactly one opportunity to say why you feel that way. This judge, who has heard countless cases over the years, and several that very day, has heard all of this before. You have to be able to reach him or her with your story. You have to make that connection if you want your custody and parenting time plan adopted by the courts.

An experienced lawyer can prepare a compelling argument that helps the court understand why your request should be granted. Your attorney will know how to present your concerns, and answer any questions that may come up. In short, you will be prepared for what happens, instead of being unsure and simply hoping for the best.

You Also Only Have One Chance To Get It Right

As we mentioned above, we have seen so many parents heartbroken because of bad outcomes in their custody cases. Often, they were afraid to consult an attorney because they were afraid of what it would cost to handle their custody matter. After experiencing such a poor result, they have spent much more money trying to fix the problems they have caused, and have very little to show for their efforts.

When we handle your case, we can tell you exactly what we feel we can accomplish for you and what it will cost. You will be able to participate in the creation of strategies for your case and provide input when it comes time to make a decision. We feel it is our duty to give you the information you need to make these choices, and then work aggressively to put you in the best possible position to achieve your custody and parenting time goals.

Want To Know More About How We Can Help?

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