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One of the most difficult and emotional issues associated with divorce and family law involves child custody and visitation rights. It is important to remember that your child's well-being is enhanced if you are able to maintain as much continuity as possible in your child's life. Your child will benefit if he or she is able to stay in a familiar home, keep existing friends, maintain a similar lifestyle, and feel the love and support of both parents and extended family.

The attorneys at TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP, in Los Angeles, take our responsibilities to you seriously in your custody case. We realize that this is one of the most difficult legal issues you will ever face, and we will do everything possible to help you obtain positive results for you and your children.

What You Need To Know About Custody In California

In California, there are a few different terms that are often misunderstood regarding custody matters. Legal custody refers to a parent's right and responsibility to make decisions regarding a child's health, safety and welfare. Legal custody may be awarded to one parent, who will be the sole decision-maker for the child, or it may be shared between both parents.

Physical custody refers to the right of a parent to have the children physically present in the parent's custody and care. This also may be granted exclusively to one parent, with a parenting time schedule put in place for the other parent, or may be granted to both parents, which gives each parent close to equal time with the child.

In many cases, the parties will not agree on issues concerning legal or physical custody of the children. This could mean that the case will be decided by a family court judge, who must determine what he or she feels is in the best interests of the children. Certain factors that may be considered by the court include:

  • Which parent is currently the primary caregiver of the child(ren)
  • The child(ren)'s age and developmental needs, taking into account a child(ren)'s need for stability and consistency
  • The public policy of the state of California to ensure frequent and continuing contact with both parents
  • The effects of changing the child(ren)'s residence, school or lifestyle
  • Past abuse or neglect by either parent, or abuse of drugs/alcohol by either parent
  • The parenting skills of both parents, including each parent's willingness to promote an ongoing relationship with the other parent

Whenever possible, our lawyers assist clients with the goal of developing child custody agreements and parenting plans through mediation and settlement negotiations, because they stand a much better chance of lasting well into the future. This noncontentious approach is often better for children, and our firm encourages our clients to make every attempt to work together with the other side, unless it is would have a negative effect on the children.

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