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Parenting plans and travel for work

As a parent who frequently travels for work, you have probably always done your best to spend quality time with your child whenever you are home. Now that you and your spouse are divorcing, you may worry that because your spouse has always been there for your child, he or she will have a better chance of getting custody. 

Fortunately, if you and your spouse can agree on a schedule, a judge is likely to approve it as is. Here are some factors to consider before you head into custody negotiations with the other parent.

Achieve an equitable distribution of assets in a complex divorce

Separating your life from that of your spouse is difficult when there are few assets, and the split is equitable. If children and a California business are involved, the proceedings can become complicated. The experienced team at Trabolsi & Levy, LLP address the unique concerns of high net worth clients and their spouses to ensure they receive fair representation.

While you may not know all the legal implications of disentangling your life from that of your spouse, there are ways to ensure you achieve an intelligent divorce. According to Herberger & Company, learning about the divorce process and having a plan is key to keeping the proceedings on track. Those with the best outcomes educate themselves about their rights and entitlements under the California Family Code. This helps them influence the process by implementing a strategy designed to help them achieve specific goals and objectives.

Long-distance child custody tips

Co-parenting is one of the best custody arrangements for the well-being of your child, as long as the other parent is not a threat to the health and safety of the child. Joint custody may be a viable option for your family. Things can get complex, however, if one of you decides to move away

When you do not live near your child, you may assume joint custody is not feasible. However, it is possible to manage this situation. Here are some long-distance custody tips to help you.

What is bird's nest parenting?

There are many different approaches to parenting. This is especially true in the case of divorce. Courts in Los Angeles are now encouraging alternatives to the standard setup where the children live with one parent most of the time and only have occasional weekend visits with the other parent. Instead, they encourage parents to find ways to co-parent so each parent gets equal time with the children. One such option is called bird's nest parenting.

According to Psychology Today, bird's nest parenting is when a family maintains one family home where the children live full time and the parents alternate who lives in the home with the children. The parents have their own home away from the family home where they each live when the other parent is with the children.

3 tips for reentering the workforce after divorce

One of the most challenging facets of divorce is regaining a financial footing. When married, it may have been in the best interests of the family for one spouse to stay at home, allowing the other spouse to travel for work or advance a career. When getting divorced, a stay-at-home spouse may need to get back out in the workforce sooner rather than later.

In Los Angeles, reentering the workforce seems difficult, especially for those who have been at home for years. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of success when venturing back out to work.

What happens to your family business when you divorce?

If you and your spouse own a family business but are now contemplating a California divorce, determining what to do with that business likely is one of your major concerns. As you probably know, California is a community property state, meaning that you and your spouse own all your marital assets, including your business, jointly.

California requires that in a divorce, marital assets must be divided fairly and equitably between you. This does not mean, however, that you must divide your business strictly 50/50. You have other options as well, the main three being as follows:

  1. Sell your business and divide the proceeds between you
  2. One of you buy out the other’s share in your business
  3. Continue to own and operate your business together

Can sexual harassment lead to domestic violence?

When you hear the term "domestic violence," chances are your thoughts are turned to stories you have heard about violent physical abuse. While this is true, domestic violence can be physical, as well as emotional, psychological and even sexual. If you are concerned about your partner's behavior in Los Angeles, it is imperative that you watch for the subtle signs of abuse so you can address them accordingly before your safety and well-being are compromised. 

According to Psychology Today, one of the most effective ways to tell if your partner is sexually abusing you is to listen and pay attention to how you feel. If you are feeling taken advantage of, hurt, shamed or disgusting, these are all signs that perhaps the contact you are experiencing is unwanted on your end. On the other hand, if you feel empowered, valued, recognized and safe, it is a positive indication that the contact is healthy and a sign of a productive relationship. 

Modifying a child custody agreement

Oftentimes, the outcome of child custody proceedings in Los Angeles will be unsatisfactory for one (or potentially both) parties involved. It is important to remember, however, that initial custody rulings are not always final; the potential does exist to have a custody order modified. In fact, the court will often order a review of a custody agreement every 2-3 years to ensure that it still fits a divorced couple's circumstances. Yet what about those who would like to have their custody agreements modified in between those periodic reviews? 

Per Section 3087 of the California Family Code, the law does allow for the modification of a custody agreement to be considered if it is believed to be in the best interest of the children involved. This legal privilege recognizes the fact that as children grow, their needs change, which could in turn require that the continuous access they have to their parents to be modified, as well. Parents should be careful, however, to encourage such change by undermining their ex-spouse's authority, as such actions may be taken into consideration when reviewing a request for a custody modification. 

How can I reduce conflict in my divorce or child custody case?

Few family law issues are without conflict. Whether you are filing for divorce, have significant assets to divide or are embroiled in a dispute over child custody, the negative emotions and stress are likely to be running high. You and other Californians in the same situation may believe your only option is to go to court. Fortunately, you may have uncontested options, which might significantly reduce the mental trauma.

“Uncontested” does not necessarily mean free from conflict. However, reduced stress is one of the common advantages of uncontested divorce over litigation, as FindLaw explains. Mediation and collaborative law are two common methods for resolving disputes peacefully.

What should I do if I experience domestic violence?

Victims of domestic violence often feel they have nowhere to turn. It can be confusing to break free from a partner even when being abused, especially when you’re unsure whether what you’re experiencing is actually abusive behavior. The American Psychological Association offers the following information to ensure people get the help they need when subject to an abusive relationship.

How to recognize signs of abuse

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