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How can I make visitations easier on my child?

When you get a divorce in California, one of the hardest parts is helping your children adjust. Regardless of their ages, children have to go through an adjustment period. It can be difficult for some children. One of the most trying things is visitation. It is new and disturbing for them to have to move between houses when they have not done that before. There are some things you can do to make visitation easier on your kids.

Above all else, you should keep a positive attitude, according to Modern Mom. You never want to talk down about your ex-spouse. You should not talk to your children about how it upsets you that they have to go with their other parent. You need to keep things positive and make the whole experience something happy.

Your high-asset divorce may benefit from a forensic accountant

When your California divorce includes one or more businesses among the marital assets, failing to agree on a company’s value may prove a significant stumbling block to the settlement. At Trabolsi Levy Gabbard LLP, our team has experience assisting high-asset clients to conclude their complex divorce.

It’s Over Easy reports that a forensic accountant focusing on family law to your legal team can help sort out the financial issues regarding all aspects of the settlement process. While not every divorce requires this type of specialized assistance, there are situations in which their expertise can be invaluable to you:

  • Locating the current location and providing an unbiased valuation on the pre-marital property
  • Analyze the spending habits of joint account holders since the separation
  • Assessing the value of any business owned by one or both spouses
  • Assigning a value to all of the marital property
  • Calculating spousal maintenance and child support

What happens if your spouse will not sign the divorce papers?

Although the total number of divorces has decreased across the country, it is still a rampant part of people's lives. Occasionally, the couple has an amicable divorce, and each spouse realizes the marriage needs to end. For other couples, only one person wants the marriage to end while the other is reluctant. This becomes a problem when he or she refuses to sign the necessary paperwork.

Although this seems like a major roadblock, the truth of the matter is that you can still move forward with the divorce proceedings even if your spouse does not want to sign anything. 

My spouse asked for a divorce, now what?

Los Angeles couples may find that their marital issues are unreconcilable. In this case, one spouse might introduce divorce to the other, which can be traumatic no matter the current state of your marriage. In this case, there are steps you can take to make the situation far less stressful, as illustrated by Psychology Today.

Don’t lash out verbally

Tips to consider when creating a custody arrangement

When your kids learn you and your spouse are splitting up, one of their main concerns is where they are going to live. You are also likely concerned with how custody is going to work. If you are like most divorcing families, you will likely end up with some sort of joint custody or parenting plan. There may be days or weeks that you and your children will not see one another. 

It can be intimidating and worrisome to create a custody arrangement, but it is easier than it seems. Here are some core factors to consider when creating a custody or visitation agreement. 

How should I raise my child as a single parent?

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce in Los Angeles, you may be faced with raising your child alone. While it’s possible to rear your child in a kind and loving manner on your own, many single parents are faced with a wide array of challenges. In this case, the Mayo Clinic offers the following parenting tips for people with sole custody of their children.

Establish clear boundaries

How to keep your business after a divorce

Like many business owners in the Los Angeles area, you work hard every day to meet customer demands and make money. Whether you have a law firm, restaurant, retail shop or another business venture, you may want to keep your company after your divorce. 

Unfortunately, if your marriage lasted for years or you began your business during your marriage, all or part of your company may be marital property. As you probably know, the family law judge will likely expect you to split marital property with your soon-to-be-ex. If you want sole ownership of your business, you must act diligently to assert your legal rights during divorce proceedings. Here are some options. 

How can I heal from an abusive relationship?

For people in abusive relationships, breaking up may only be the first part of the process. Domestic violence can leave its mark on a person and it's often difficult to heal after an abusive relationship ends. In this case, The National Domestic Violence Hotline offers the following advice on how to recover and eventually move on from your experiences.

Find a support network

Key issues to consider regarding high-asset divorce

Very few things in life are certain other than taxes, death and divorce. Besides the increase in stress, frustration and a wish for a chance to redo the events that ended your marriage, the path to an amicable divorce is often long and problematic for high-asset decouplings.

There is no road map or one-size-fits-all set of instructions on how to have the perfect divorce. Nor is there a way to predict any particular outcome with absolute certainty. There are many ways to make the divorce process less draining on health and wealth. Here are a few issues to avoid overlooking in a high-asset divorce.

What are some reasons kids misbehave?

If you’re a single parent in Los Angeles, you may be experiencing issues with your child’s behavior. Many kids act out after their parents get divorced, and the reasons for their actions can be surprising in many cases. Very Well Family offers a few common reasons for behavior problems in kids, as well as what you can do about the issue.

Kids like to test limits

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