Don't Go To Just Any Lawyer For Your High Asset Divorce

All marriages, even those between members of the elite class, are subject to the same trials and challenges, and many will end in divorce. Depending on your social and economic standing, you may need special handling for your marital dissolution. Complicated property divisions, joint business ownerships, offshore bank accounts, stock options, and insurance packages may present unique obstacles in a divorce case, and you shouldn't trust just any family law firm in Los Angeles to handle yours. These so-called "high asset" divorces require a certain level of confidentiality and strategy to make things go as smoothly as possible, and only an experienced law firm can accommodate those needs.

If you and your spouse are looking to divorce, and are worried about how all of your assets will be handled, look for a Los Angeles attorney that specializes in high asset divorce law. Going over complex cases of income, property, company ownership, and financial portfolios is not something that every lawyer is equipped for. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing an experienced elite divorce law firm.

1. Discretion

For people who are in the public eye, or those whose work makes them recognizable, confidentiality is key during divorce proceedings. It's important to have a lawyer who understands your need to remain inconspicuous during this sensitive time, and who will protect your public image while handling your personal information.

2. Creativity

While California is a community property state, meaning assets are divided equally between divorcing partners, getting an even 50/50 split with high net worth individuals is often difficult. A Santa Monica attorney will be able to find creative solutions for your estate, and ensure all parties are given what is fair and equitable.

3. Attention to detail

With high profile clients, specialized lawyers handle far more than they do with an average divorce case, including things like multiple homes/properties, stock portfolios, mutual funds, hidden assets, business and intellectual property rights, and retirement plans. All of these require precision and strategy, to make sure assets are accounted for and distributed appropriately.

For top executives, politicians, and other high earners, the thought of a divorce may be overwhelming, but with the right attorney, it can go smoothly. When you need the best lawyer in Los Angeles, reach out to our office today for your initial consultation. You'll be in good hands with us.

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