What You Should Know About Toxic Divorce

The conditions that led to the split between you and your spouse may have been explosive, or perhaps they began gradually and have built up to a level of hostility that is no longer tolerable. Either way, you may now feel that there is no way out of a high conflict divorce. At TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP, in Los Angeles, we often provide legal assistance to people navigating a contested divorce.

According to Psychology Today, a toxic divorce can involve a wide range of behaviors that go far beyond those typical for people suffering the normal feelings of anger, guilt or grief. The extreme emotions behind this type of separation could lead your spouse to try the following:

  • Hiding marital assets
  • Spreading rumors about you
  • Damaging your property
  • Alienating your children from you
  • Threatening your safety
  • Sabotaging your family relationships and friendships

Some of these may be addressed through the court system, such as seeking a restraining order if your spouse is threatening violence or stalking, or pressing charges for damaged property. Others, such as attempts at destroying relationships, may be more difficult for you to combat. 

Another common outcome is a long, drawn-out divorce process. However, requesting a court-appointed judge to oversee the case may help by ensuring that the spouse's ongoing behavior is addressed as such.

Dealing with the emotional and psychological trauma of such a separation can be extremely challenging. A support system of friends and family, professional help and self-care may be helpful.

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