How Can I Reduce the Conflict in My Custody Case?

When it comes to child custody, many people in Santa Monica are not aware of how their actions can hurt the outcome. They become so focused on what they want that they fail to take into proper consideration what is best for their kids and themselves. 

You may be struggling to come to a custody agreement with your spouse and feel tempted to resort to some shifty tactics in an effort to undermine your spouse’s claim. But your actions could backfire and interfere with yours. Take some time to review the following information on how to resolve your child custody case with less conflict. 

Be open with your attorney 

If you are working with an attorney, do not withhold information from them. You may feel like some details regarding your marriage and parenting skills are irrelevant. Your attorney may believe otherwise and find his or her hands tied when it comes time to strategize on your behalf. Without all the facts, your attorney will not be able to present you in the best light possible and minimize the impact of any negative information that might come out about you during the case. 

Do not drag the kids into the battle 

Many parents believe they can win their custody cases if their kids are on their side and against the other parent. They badmouth the other parent and manipulate their kids into mistreating them. Little do they realize the impact of their actions on their kids. It is not necessary for you to resort to this type of behavior. Respect your kids’ other parent and always speak favorably about them when the kids are around and within hearing range. 

Be classy online 

You may use your social media pages to vent about issues that bother you and brag about activities that you enjoy. You might feel so fed up with the child custody case that you share your frustrations online. Be careful about what you share on your social media accounts, even if you have them set to private. Anything you post and share online can damage your credibility in your custody case. 

Regardless of how you feel about your situation and spouse, you should always take the high road. Stay on your best behavior and prepare to show you are the better parent.

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