What Are the Effects of Domestic Violence?

When domestic violence occurs in a relationship it can impact the entire family. It can also have a wide range of effects, including causing mental or emotional issues that can be exceedingly difficult to recover from. Understanding the these effects if often the first step to getting support necessary to make a clean break, and the following information provided by FamilyDoctor.org provides insight into what often occurs.

Physical Effects

While domestic abuse can have a verbal aspect, in many instances it involves physical violence. This violence can result in things like contusions and cuts all over the body, which can sometimes result in the need for immediate medical attention. However, some victims of violence fail to seek out medical assistance out of fear of being questioned. Other injuries can include burns, broken teeth, and bite marks (depending on the nature of the physical abuse).

Emotional & Mental Effects

Along with physical harm, victims of violence also experience a wide range of emotional and mental effects. These include symptoms related to depression and anxiety, as well as lethargy, suicidal ideation, low self-esteem, and ongoing problems with interpersonal relationships. Abuse victims also tend to be more passive and may have problems maintaining eye contact.

How to Get Help

If you can relate to the above effects, it’s crucial that you get you and your family to safety. If you don’t have a trusted friend or loved one to rely on, consider going to a shelter. In the event you are concerned about your safety when leaving, call the police to bring charges against the person responsible for the abuse. You should also consider filing a protective order against this person, which will mandate that he or she must stay a certain distance away from you and your children.