Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce has become less taboo and more of a common procedure in recent decades -- so much that a large majority of California households involve blended families. With this turn in family structures comes a need for new schedules, visitation times and other demands of everyday life.

Many parents new to split households may feel overwhelmed at the process, as it can involve a great deal of time and planning. What are some ideal strategies for this major life change, and how can newly divorced parents make the best out of an unfortunate situation? 

Organization is Key

During the often tumultuous period of moving into a new home, or explaining to a child why moving is necessary, it is easy for parents to become scattered in both thought and action. According to Parents magazine, one way a mother or father can make this transition easier is by having a flexible schedule. Expecting modifications in routine can better prepare the whole family for change. Working with exes is another crucial factor involved in many divorces, but also one with which many parents struggle. By learning to communicate together about necessary steps of the process, parents can take a huge weight off their shoulders. 

Emotions are Natural

Psychology Today looks at the variety of stages one goes through after divorce, including complications regarding the co-parenting process. Although it might seem apparent, providing both physical and emotional support to children during divorce can make all the difference. With the many obstacles families can face during this time, it can be easy to forget about hidden emotional pain. Parents can also ensure a child's wellbeing by consistently providing them with a community of support, including those involving extracurricular activities. Everyone deals with family separations in their own way, but by keeping an open mind to the continually changing process can make for a better situation for all family members.   

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