Quit Social Media During a Divorce

Attorneys, judges and other legal professionals have had to decide in recent years how exactly to use social media during court proceedings. The American Bar Association has determined that social media posts and pictures are admissible as evidence in trials for everything from criminal acts to divorce. 

The things you post on social media, which includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, can come into play during your divorce. Your ex can use posts to assert that you deserve less custody time or that you should not receive as much in alimony. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful of what you post. 

In fact, it may be best to stay off social media entirely until the divorce is final. Here's why according to our Los Angeles attorneys:

You may incriminate yourself

Before the judge determines how much alimony to allocate, you do not want to post pictures of your latest shopping spree on Facebook for all to see. These pictures are not good, especially if you still share a joint bank account with your spouse. Additionally, social media can reveal any extramarital affairs you were part of during the marriage.

It is best to simply avoid posting. Also, during this time, you should not accept any new friend requests, especially from someone you do not know in real life. 

You may put friends and family in awkward positions

It makes sense you need to vent during this stressful time, but if you speak negatively of your spouse over social media, then you put mutual friends in an awkward situation. These comments may also do more harm to yourself. It is important to look after yourself mentally during and after a divorce, but do it offline.

Furthermore, by being on social media often, you may feel tempted to keep tabs on your ex. You may learn things you do not want to see, such as your ex already finding another boyfriend or girlfriend. Too much social media is not healthy for anyone, so take care of yourself and put the phone down. 

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