What Are the Signs of an Abusive Relationship?

Not all relationships are blissful. In fact, some are downright abusive, which is a commonly cited factor for divorce in Los Angeles and all over the nation. Because it can be difficult to determine whether your marriage is healthy on your own, it helps to know some of the common warnings that can accompany an abusive relationship. YourTango.com explains what you should be on the look out for if you suspect your relationship is abusive.

Your Partner Tries to Control You

While some level of concern for your spouse is normal, abusive partners tend to assume control over the other person. For instance, does your spouse aggressively question you regarding where you’ve been or who you’ve been with? Do they ask to see proof that you’ve been where you said (such as by demanding receipts) or require that you receive permission to leave the house? This is not normal and is a clear indication that the dynamic in your relationship is skewed.

Verbal Abuse Occurs

Along with physical abuse (such as hitting or kicking), many abusive spouses also abuse their partners verbally. Verbal abuse can take on many forms; for some people it will entail constant criticism, while with others actual threats of violence might be made. In either case, remember that your partner is supposed to build you up, not tear you down (even when you two disagree or argue).

Your Spouse Refrains From Taking Responsibility for Wrongdoing

No one is perfect, and it’s healthy to admit when you’re been wrong. Abusive spouses are often highly reluctant to admit fault in any situation. This can occur at work, with family and friends, and especially at home. If your find that your partner constantly blames others (including you) for their slights, it’s worth considering if there are any other factors at play that point to an unhealthy relationship.

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