3 Tips for Reentering the Workforce After Divorce

One of the most challenging facets of divorce is regaining a financial footing. When married, it may have been in the best interests of the family for one spouse to stay at home, allowing the other spouse to travel for work or advance a career. When getting divorced, a stay-at-home spouse may need to get back out in the workforce sooner rather than later.

In Los Angeles, reentering the workforce seems difficult, especially for those who have been at home for years. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of success when venturing back out to work.

1. Craft your resume

You may be dreading building a resume, especially when it comes to accounting for the time gap. The chances are high that during the time away from work, you did much more than stay at home. You probably volunteered at schools and clubs. Fill your resume with all the activities in which you played a role.

2. Brush up your skills

If you have been out of your profession for a substantial amount of time, or even if you just left the field a year ago, it is always a good idea to refresh yourself with the industry and standards. The internet is a great tool to research recent developments and advances in your field.

3. Freelance

There is a need for every skill, and chances are, you can do something well enough to get paid for it. Freelance positions exist; however, you have to look for them. On the other hand, if working at home would be good for your finances and your children, build your own freelance business. At the very least, it helps improve and hone your skills.

Whether you are on the verge of separation or you already divorced, reentering the workforce after being out of it can be daunting. Following just a few tips can set you on the path for successful reentry into a fulfilling career.

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