What Is Bird's Nest Parenting?

There are many different approaches to parenting. This is especially true in the case of divorce. Courts in Los Angeles are now encouraging alternatives to the standard setup where the children live with one parent most of the time and only have occasional weekend visits with the other parent. Instead, they encourage parents to find ways to co-parent so each parent gets equal time with the children. One such option is called bird's nest parenting.

According to Psychology Today, bird's nest parenting is when a family maintains one family home where the children live full time and the parents alternate who lives in the home with the children. The parents have their own home away from the family home where they each live when the other parent is with the children.

This concept makes for a more stable environment for the children. Instead of them having to move in and out to be with you, you and your ex-spouse move in and out to be with them. It means your children do not have to adapt to yet another upheaval in their lives after the divorce. They have one home where they live and have all their belongings.

The biggest challenge with this type of set up is affording your separate residence. You and your ex-spouse may agree to get one home where you live when not with the children. Since only one of you will be there at a time, it can work. However, this may not be ideal for your situation, so you would have to maintain three homes, which could pose a financial burden. In addition, you must work together for this set up to work and be able to maintain the family home together. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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