When Is a Forensic Accountant Important in a Divorce Case?

Navigating your way through a divorce is rarely easy, but if you have suspicions about your soon-to-be-ex and whether she or he may be being less than truthful about assets, it can prove even more complicated. Regrettably, it is not uncommon for spouses involved in high-asset divorces to try to hide things from one another, and in such situations, there is often more to work through than who is going to get the car, the house and so on.

High-asset divorces often involve far more complex portfolios, and finding out the truth about what your spouse has at his or her disposal may require some extra sleuthing and research. If you have a particularly complex high-asset divorce case, you may find it beneficial to enlist the aid of a forensic accountant.

How a forensic accountant can help

A number of different ways exist for a forensic accountant to help you find out the truth about your spouse’s finances and help see that you get your fair share during your split. If your spouse is also a business owner, for example, numerous tactics exist relating to his or her business operations that your spouse may employ to make it appear as if he or she has less than is accurate.

For example, a forensic accountant can help you uncover all sorts of shady or unethical actions, such as intentionally overpaying creditors. Your spouse may do this knowing that he or she will ultimately regain the amount overpaid sometime in the future. Your spouse may, too, create fake business expenses in an effort to make it seem as if he or she has less money to split with you, but a forensic accountant may be able to uncover evidence proving that he or she did so. Other methods a spouse may use to shield assets include underreporting income, padding his or her business payroll and purchasing pricy assets with hidden cash, among others.

If you have suspicions about your spouse trying to get more than his or her fair share in divorce, it may prove wise to investigate further.

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