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February 2019 Archives

Custody agreements and first right of refusal clauses

Both you and your former spouse want what is best for your children. While sharing custody can be challenging, you can likely reduce conflict by drafting a comprehensive custody agreement. If your ex-spouse frequently travels for work or other reasons, you may want to include a first right of refusal clause in your parenting plan. 

How can I make visitations easier on my child?

When you get a divorce in California, one of the hardest parts is helping your children adjust. Regardless of their ages, children have to go through an adjustment period. It can be difficult for some children. One of the most trying things is visitation. It is new and disturbing for them to have to move between houses when they have not done that before. There are some things you can do to make visitation easier on your kids.

Your high-asset divorce may benefit from a forensic accountant

When your California divorce includes one or more businesses among the marital assets, failing to agree on a company’s value may prove a significant stumbling block to the settlement. At Trabolsi Levy Gabbard LLP, our team has experience assisting high-asset clients to conclude their complex divorce.

What happens if your spouse will not sign the divorce papers?

Although the total number of divorces has decreased across the country, it is still a rampant part of people's lives. Occasionally, the couple has an amicable divorce, and each spouse realizes the marriage needs to end. For other couples, only one person wants the marriage to end while the other is reluctant. This becomes a problem when he or she refuses to sign the necessary paperwork.

My spouse asked for a divorce, now what?

Los Angeles couples may find that their marital issues are unreconcilable. In this case, one spouse might introduce divorce to the other, which can be traumatic no matter the current state of your marriage. In this case, there are steps you can take to make the situation far less stressful, as illustrated by Psychology Today.

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