3 Ways to Prepare a Child to Deal With a Divorce

When couples in California are divorced, both individuals face changes to the future mentally, emotionally and physically. As they deal with their feelings, it is often easy to forget about the children in the marriage and how they are affected by the divorce. Although the Los Angeles Times states that the divorce rate in California is dropping, there are still many children who need help getting through their parent’s divorce.

1. Keep things consistent

Change is a scary thing for kids to face, particularly if they do not know where they will end up. According to KidsHealth, routine and consistency provides familiarity and comfort that can greatly help families as they adjust to a new life. Minimize unpredictable transitions, schedules and separations.

2. Handle changes to living situations carefully

There are many different situations for kids with divorced parents. Because they are used to living with both parents and these can be big changes, it is important to make the changes gradually. Allow them to visit in the new home and slowly adjust to life with both parents before they are forced into it. Consistency in this way is vital to a healthy future.

3. Communicate honestly and openly

Kids need to be aware that their parents will take their feelings seriously and that they are important to both parents. They may need help putting how they feel into words and they need support and someone to legitimize their feelings.

Parents who are healthy and dealing with their own issues are better prepared to help their kids sort through the mess feelings of divorce. Managing stress from the parental level is vital to minimizing the damage done to kids.

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