How Does Divorce Affect Children?

Even the most amicable divorces can have a negative impact on children. This has much to do with the changing family dynamic, which can cause stress and emotional issues for children of all ages. Being able to recognize common problems is the first step to adequately addressing them with your child, according to Very Well Family

Academic achievement is important for children to excel during their adult years. Unfortunately, many divorces have a direct impact on academics in a number of ways. Kids of divorced parents are more likely to experience issues with absences. They're also more likely to score lower on tests used to identify their grasp on lessons. These children even have higher rates of dropout, which can have a disastrous effect on future prospects. 

Behavioral issues are also more common after a divorce takes place. These behaviors can land a child in legal trouble or cause conflict with friends and family. They may also lead to risk-taking behaviors. This includes early use of alcohol or even partaking in illicit drugs, such as marijuana. Substance abuse problems often persist into adulthood and can lead to lawlessness, problems with unemployment, and issues within interpersonal relationships. 

So, what can divorced parents do to mitigate the risk of effects on kids? Having a good relationship with your former spouse is key in this case, as it minimizes family conflict. You should also keep your child out of any disputes or debates you experience with your ex. Never bad mouth the other parent, as kids are likely to internalize these statements. If it appears your child is struggling mentally or emotionally, seek out the assistance of a therapist to address any issues. 

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