Returning to the Workforce After Divorce

When you and your spouse decided to start a family, you may have agreed that staying at home was best. The reasons may vary and include the high cost of day care and a desire to give your child a constant parental influence.

However, now that the marriage is ending, you can no longer afford to stay home. No matter what age your children, you can make a successful transition from stay-at-home parent to a professional with a few tips.

Splitting the cost of child care

Having a reliable income as a single parent is essential to providing the best care for your children. However, you may still have some concern about day care costs. When parents divorce, the costs associated with child care become part of the child support calculation. The cost of day care for you to return to work is more manageable by this split.

Preparing your children

Your kids may have no memory of you ever working outside of the home. Getting them ready for your return to work is essential in ensuring that they adjust well. No matter what age they are, you may face some adjustment issues. Sticking to a reasonable schedule for work and visitation with the other parent may help make the transition smoother. Both parents should speak positively about the change in the status of the living and working arrangements to ease troubled young minds.

Preparing yourself

Your preparation for going back to work is something to focus on as well. Whether you left the workforce two years ago or 10 years ago, things have changed. Remain patient and try to focus on the benefits of returning to work. You no longer have to depend on someone else to provide the means for you and your children to live. Now, you can call the shots, create your budget and have a sense of independence that is empowering.

Returning to work after children may leave you feeling torn, especially if you have no choice. However, focusing on the positive aspects of the move may help you and your kids get through it with a healthy perspective and mindset.

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