Know the Facts About Gaslighting

When California residents are in an abusive relationship, their partner may have several different methods of controlling them. One serious kind of abuse is gaslighting and it is important for people to recognize the signs of this behavior.

Psychology Today says that gaslighting is both emotional and mental abuse. In this situation, a person may say he or she does not remember certain conversations or remember events differently. Gaslighting is usually an intentional act. While two partners may not always remember an event the same way, these differing accounts are not necessarily gaslighting. Instead, gaslighting occurs when a person intentionally manipulates his or her partner.

Gaslighting can take many forms. According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a person who is gaslighting his or her partner may try to trivialize this partner's feelings. This person may also accuse a partner of making up information or say the partner does not remember things. This abusive person may tell his or her partner that certain things never happened or that the partner has a bad memory.

There are many signs that someone is on the receiving end of gaslighting. A person may begin excusing his or her partner's behavior when family members express concern or he or she may feel confused. Sometimes people may wonder if they are being too sensitive or be unable to make easy decisions. Additionally, people may sometimes know that something is wrong with their relationship but have a hard time figuring out what is wrong. In some situations, a person who is being gaslit may feel like he or she is going crazy. It is important for people to remember that gaslighting does not usually start overnight. Instead, an abusive partner may gradually manipulate his or her partner until the partner does not realize the situation is not normal.

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