My Spouse Asked for a Divorce, Now What?

Los Angeles couples may find that their marital issues are unreconcilable. In this case, one spouse might introduce divorce to the other, which can be traumatic no matter the current state of your marriage. In this case, there are steps you can take to make the situation far less stressful, as illustrated by Psychology Today.

Don’t lash out verbally

Ultimately, you can’t control your partner when it comes to divorce. This leads many people to lash out verbally, which will only increase ill-will. If you’re feeling angry, separate yourself from the situation until you can discuss it calmly. Also, take steps to accept the outcome, no matter what it is. Even your best efforts might fail when it comes to saving your marriage.

Don’t blame your spouse

It’s rare that one person is responsible for all the problems in a relationship. Keeping this in mind, refrain from pointing fingers at your spouse when learning about the plan for divorce. It’s best to talk through issues, even if divorce is inevitable. When discussing marital issues with your spouse, be sure to listen carefully. Even if your marriage can’t be saved, the lessons you learn during its dissolution can help you in your next relationship.  

Don’t act out of jealousy

When faced with the dissolution of a relationship, many people react out of jealousy. This can lead to controlling behaviors, which will only push your partner away further. Instead, it’s best to relinquish control over your partner’s actions and focus on taking care of yourself. Before taking any steps, stop a moment and consider the ramifications of what you’re about to do. It could make the difference between continuing your marriage and pursuing a divorce.  

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