Your High-Asset Divorce May Benefit From a Forensic Accountant

When your California divorce includes one or more businesses among the marital assets, failing to agree on a company’s value may prove a significant stumbling block to the settlement. At Trabolsi Levy Gabbard LLP, our team has experience assisting high-asset clients to conclude their complex divorce.

It’s Over Easy reports that a forensic accountant focusing on family law to your legal team can help sort out the financial issues regarding all aspects of the settlement process. While not every divorce requires this type of specialized assistance, there are situations in which their expertise can be invaluable to you:

  • Locating the current location and providing an unbiased valuation on the pre-marital property
  • Analyze the spending habits of joint account holders since the separation
  • Assessing the value of any business owned by one or both spouses
  • Assigning a value to all of the marital property
  • Calculating spousal maintenance and child support

If the estate is significant, identifying, tracing and assigning a value to each component can take months or years. If you and your ex cannot agree on a settlement and your case goes to trial, the forensic accountant can act as an expert witness. The goal is to achieve an equitable property division. This typically means that the lifestyle you both experienced as part of a couple is not sustainable after the divorce.

Emotions often run high during a divorce. The process can finish more easily when you carefully pick your battles wisely. Fighting for a piece of art, jewelry or vehicle may cost more in legal fees than it is worth, reducing the settlement amount. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic. 

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