How Should I Raise My Child as a Single Parent?

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce in Los Angeles, you may be faced with raising your child alone. While it’s possible to rear your child in a kind and loving manner on your own, many single parents are faced with a wide array of challenges. In this case, the Mayo Clinic offers the following parenting tips for people with sole custody of their children.

Establish clear boundaries

Consistency is key in disciplining your child. That’s why establishing clear boundaries is so important. Not only will your child be explicitly aware of what’s expected of him or her, clear boundaries also create a sense of security by giving a child structure. Make sure other people in your life, such as babysitters, also establish a clear set of boundaries when caring for your child.

Ask for help

Support can get you through even the toughest times. For instance, if you have trouble getting your child to and from school each morning, look into neighborhood carpools. If you’re having financial trouble, see if you can’t find other parents wiling to donate unneeded clothing or school supplies. Help is available provided you’re willing to ask for it.

Take care of yourself

In the same token, be sure to practice self-care whenever you’re able. Raising a child on alone is a full-time responsibility, and as a result you’re sure to experience a great deal of stress during the process. Taking time for the things you enjoy, whether that’s spending time with friends or taking a peaceful walk, will offer peace of mind when you’re pushed to your limit. It will also help you be a better parent to your child, as self-care can help preserve your mental health.

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