Key Issues to Consider Regarding High-Asset Divorce

Very few things in life are certain other than taxes, death and divorce. Besides the increase in stress, frustration and a wish for a chance to redo the events that ended your marriage, the path to an amicable divorce is often long and problematic for high-asset decouplings.

There is no road map or one-size-fits-all set of instructions on how to have the perfect divorce. Nor is there a way to predict any particular outcome with absolute certainty. There are many ways to make the divorce process less draining on health and wealth. Here are a few issues to avoid overlooking in a high-asset divorce.

Get a support network

No matter how well you try to prepare for divorce in Los Angeles, avoid going through it without support. The likelihood of making poor decisions based on emotions is not worth taking chances with. Seek out professional help, and organize your finances and assets to help neutralize the possibility of hidden assets and surprises.

Anticipate potentially hot-button issues

It is never a good idea anyone to go into divorce negotiations with unrealistic expectations. No one ever expects to be blindsided when a soon-to-be-ex-spouse decides to play hardball. An open mind and a damper on heated discussions can help level the playing field and ease the pain.

Remember the post-divorce impact

It is easy to lose sight of the future when there is a need to make immediate decisions, often with little time to prepare. Most of the decisions made during the dissolution process can have lifelong ramifications, such as taxes, alimony, child support, custody and parenting agreements, businesses and inheritances.

There is too much at stake in high-asset divorces. Even personal assets like pensions that seem off-limits could end up on the table. With the right resources, legal guidance and practical decisions, the challenges of divorce become less burdensome.

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