Divorce, Stepchildren and Child Custody

Parents who are going through a divorce may be dealing with various stressors, from financial concerns as a result of property division or child support to emotional worries regarding their children’s interests and their ability to spend time with their kids. For some parents, such as those who have recently adopted a child or have stepchildren, divorce can be especially concerning due to the custody process. If a bitter dispute arises, stepparents may worry that they will not have the ability to maintain a relationship with their stepchildren, and they may have uncertainty regarding other facets of family law (such as child support payments).

If you are a stepparent, it is vital to approach the custody process from the right angle. By doing so, you may be able to avoid problematic challenges and increase your odds of a more favorable outcome. There are so many factors that the court may take into consideration when trying to determine how child custody should be awarded, and if you are prepared for the process you may be able to present yourself properly and increase your chances of an outcome that is in your favor.

Some stepparents may worry that a child’s biological parent will have the upper hand during a custody dispute, but there are many circumstances in which this is not true. Every custody dispute is different, whether both parents have adopted a child, or one party recently became a stepparent. Please explore our website to go over more information on the custody process.

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