Internet Addiction and Divorce

Our law office understands that there are many different reasons why marriages fail. In some instances, there may be multiple factors behind a couple’s decision to end their marriage. For example, they may decide to move on as a result of financial challenges and a partner’s affair. In the digital era, the internet presents additional challenges for married couples, and the use of technology can place strain on a marital relationship. In some instances, it may even result in the breakdown of a relationship, with one spouse or both spouses deciding that it is time to separate.

Some people become very addicted to the internet, whether they cannot stop playing PC games, are addicted to social media or use various apps on their phone far too often. This addiction can place a lot of strain on a marriage, and it may be the result of some other hardship (such as depression). Some people have a very hard time due to an internet addiction they struggle with, and like other addictions (drugs, alcohol use, gambling, etc.), spending too much time online can destroy relationships.

If your spouse has an internet addiction, you may be able to work with them and pursue counseling or therapy to save your marriage. On the other hand, this does not work for every couple, and divorce is inevitable, in some instances. Regardless of the reason why you may be facing a divorce, it is essential to be ready for some of the challenges that you may have to address.

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