Unanticipated Restrictions You May Face Amid Divorce

As one of many people across California currently navigating your way through a divorce, you may be adapting to numerous changes. In addition to possibly having to adjust to new living and custody arrangements, you may find that you face additional restrictions while your divorce is ongoing of which you were previously unaware.

While you may consider your marriage over as soon as one of you initiates divorce proceedings, in actuality, the process can sometimes prove long and tedious. You may face the following restrictions while you wait for it to become official.

An inability to take your children out of the state

Simply put, you may not take your shared child out of the state of California once you begin the divorce process and an automatic temporary restraining order takes effect. Even if you are just planning, say, a weekend camping trip or a visit to your parents’ house, doing so in the absence of a court order or written agreement from your spouse can land you in serious hot water.

An inability to cancel your spouse’s insurance

While you may see no need to continue to finance your ex’s car, health or life insurance while your divorce is ongoing, you cannot simply cancel the policy before your divorce becomes final. If you do cancel, say, your spouse’s medical insurance and then he or she winds up needing medical care while your divorce is in the works, you could end up facing legal trouble.

An inability to dispose of property

While your divorce is ongoing, you also cannot dispose of any shared property, such as, say, the money you have sitting in a shared bank account. Your spouse may not do so, either. Essentially, both of you may use such funds for covering basic necessities, such as food, clothes and so on.

If you are unclear about any of the rules you must follow amid divorce, do your research. Failing to follow them could lead to additional hardships and expenses down the line.

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