What Are Some Signs That My Partner Is Being Unfaithful?

It can happen to even the best of marriages; when there are suspicions that a spouse is cheating, divorce may be right around the corner. However, many spouses in Los Angeles want to delve deeper into suspected infidelities to ensure they have the right information before taking any drastic actions. In this case, Psychology Today recommends looking for the following signs.

Changes in appearance

A person engaged in an affair may suddenly appear far more invested in their appearance. He or she might dress up for work, take a greater interest in working out or take steps to improve their diet. This is especially troubling when appearance was not as big of a priority as it was before, or when your spouse only dresses up when going outside of the home.

Increased secrecy

It’s natural to value your privacy but going to great lengths to conceal the contents of one’s phone or laptop could be a red flag. Your partner may suddenly use a password on mobile devices or change the password you were already aware of. He or she may also be increasingly guarded when it comes to these devices, making sure to take it with them when leaving the room or keeping it close by at all times.

Problems with emotional intimacy

While changes with physical intimacy are common when a spouse is unfaithful, emotional intimacy may also be impacted. These are the bonds that develop between you and your spouse over time, and many cheating partners feel uncomfortable sharing them with their spouse after an affair has been initiated. This is often the case when a person has forged an emotional bond with someone else, which may cause their behavior to be altered around their spouse. 

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