Why a Facebook Divorce Is a Really Bad Idea

At TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP here in California, we represent many clients seeking a divorce. One of the main things we always counsel them about is the fact that they should be extremely careful about what they post on Facebook and other social media during their divorce.

Unfortunately, if you cannot get through your day without checking Facebook, et al numerous times, you, too, have become “addicted” to this modern way to keep up with your family and friends. While constant Facebook posting need not ruin your life, FindLaw cautions that posting too much of the wrong kinds of information can come back to haunt you during your divorce. Why? Because your soon-to-be former spouse and his or her attorney can, and likely will, use it against you in court.

The do not posts

While you do not have to completely stay off Facebook and the other social media during your divorce, you should never post any of the following:

  • Information and/or photos of anyone you start dating
  • Information and/or photos about the things you purchase, especially expensive things
  • Information and/or photos about any new home you contemplate buying or new apartment you contemplate renting
  • Information and/or photos about the places you go and the people with whom you go
  • Any photos of a suggestive or explicit sexual nature

In addition to refraining from posting any of the above, you also may wish to review your recent Facebook posts and delete the ones that reveal information that a judge might not look on with favor. Remember, regardless of your privacy settings, the things you post online are not really private.

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