How to Make Divorce Easier for your Kids

Father hugging daughter

Nearly half of married couples in the United States divorce, and while it may be a common occurrence that doesn’t mean it’s easy for anyone involved, especially the children. A divorce is a drastic change in the family dynamic, and it will have a lasting impact on your kids. They may feel a range of emotions from shock and uncertainty to guilt and anger. To help this transition easier for them, consider these tips.

The Divorce Talk

Telling your kids about your divorce isn’t easy, but preparing what to say beforehand will help everyone involved. This way, you’ll be better equipped to answer tough questions and deal with your own emotions ahead of time.

This will be confusing for your children, so it’s best to have thought-out and straightforward yet honest responses. Many kids will blame themselves for the divorce, so you must steer them away from these misconceptions and let them know they’re not at fault. Help them understand that although things may be changing, you and your partner will be there for them no matter what. Parents, you must avoid blaming one another and present a united front for your children.

Helping Your Children Through the Divorce Process

Each child will have a different response to the breakup— be patient and reassuring throughout this process. You and your soon-to-be-ex may have come to terms with the end of your marriage, but this is entirely new for your kids.

When helping them through the new changes that will inevitably happen, provide stability and consistency in routines and rules so that your kids know what to expect. This can go great lengths in setting their minds at ease during this uncertain time.

Lastly, it’s important to maintain a good support system not only for yourself but for your children. Taking care of yourself is vital so that you can be there for your kids. If your kids are resistant to opening up to you or the other parent, encourage them to seek guidance from a close confidante or support group.

A divorce can be extremely difficult for a child. Amid the emotions and processes, the greatest thing you can do is remind your children that they are loved and that you are there for them. We know that this is an emotional time— that’s why our attorneys are here to help bring you peace of mind.

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