Dos and Don’ts for a Peaceful Divorce

When your commitment to “I do” turns into a big “don’t” and you decide to end your marriage, knowing what to expect from the divorce process can help your experience. From courtroom battles to using the kids as pawns, our attorneys have seen nasty fights ensue. Although our attorneys are highly experienced in trial, we strive to settle matters without stressful litigation.

To help you get through your divorce as stress-free as possible, keep the dos and don’ts at the forefront.

Do be open to communication

We understand that this staying in touch with one another is quite difficult, but we’ve found that people are less reactive during proceedings when communication lines are open. This helps both parties be aware of what’s happening next and keeps suspicions at bay. It’s a vital part of maintaining a harmonious divorce.

Don’t make decisions based on emotions

Divorces are naturally adversarial, and it can be a painful process, heightening emotions. You might feel anger, hurt, regret, or suspicious. If something occurs that you weren’t expecting, try not to react impulsively as this could snowball into larger issues. Take a step back, give yourself time to think about how you’d like to respond, get advice from your lawyer, and then make a decision.

Do work together toward an agreement

Undoubtedly one of the hardest things a couple has to do after deciding to end their marriage is divide assets, and it’s often the most contentious point. Consider working collaboratively on this matter, whether it’s with the help of a mediator or lawyer. Once you’re able to move past this step, the higher chance you can keep your divorce civil.

Don’t get caught up in negotiations

As you go through divorce negotiations, naturally, disputes may arise, even as you strive towards a low-conflict breakup. Rather than halting negotiations for small things, think more about your big-picture goals and how you will achieve them. If both parties have this mindset, they’ll have a much easier time sticking to the task at hand. However, this does not mean you should allow the other party to take advantage of you.

Do put your children first

If you have children, you must always keep one thing in mind— their best interests. When making decisions on child custody, the parents need to put their needs first. By doing this, you’ll maintain an amicable relationship with your soon-to-be former spouse and prevent your divorce from having a significant adverse effect on your children. This is extremely helpful if you and your ex choose to remain in each other’s lives as co-parents.

Don’t involve the children.

Studies have shown that engaging in conflict in front of kids can negatively impact their mental wellbeing. Parents should come together to let their kids understand what is happening and keep them updated about what to expect, but they should not take it any further. Be sensitive to the fact that everything they know is changing. Fighting and having arguments in front of the kids will only fuel their pain.

Helping You Take the Stress Out of the Process

As you go through the process, do your best to be reasonable and maintain a good relationship with your former spouse – for the best interest of you and your children. Your divorce does not have to be like the long, drawn-out, contentious ones you generally hear about. With this list and the help of the attorneys at TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP, you can reach the other side while having peace of mind.

If you have questions about your divorce, do not hesitate to call our Los Angeles attorneys at (310) 455-8364.

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