Common Mistakes Made During a Divorce

Common Mistakes Made During a Divorce

Avoiding Potential Problems

Divorce can cause a wave of emotions that can be difficult to manage at times. Because of this challenge, people will often do something that seems harmless in the moment but can reap serious repercussions throughout the process. These mistakes have happened time and time again, which is why TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP has gathered some of the most common errors people have committed here and why they should be avoided.

Using The Court As a Tool for Revenge

Sometimes divorce can be unexpected and will often lead to hurt feelings. However, taking out these frustrations by intentionally dragging out court proceedings to fight for assets or other issues can cause more problems than the initial satisfaction you might feel.

Dragging out court battles can increase your overall legal costs, which can impact your assets in your settlement agreement, add unnecessary stress in your life (and in the life of your children), and may ultimately leave you feeling that your pursuit of revenge was a waste of time.

Involving Your Children

One of the most dangerous things anyone could do in a divorce is to begin bad-mouthing their spouse in front of their children. It’s normal to feel frustrated in a divorce, but there are professionals to talk to about those feelings. Your children do not need to hear how their parent is a terrible human for the divorce.

Studies have shown that engaging in bad-mouthing a spouse can have severe psychological impacts on your children and, if publicized, could hurt your chances in your custody battle.

Some parents have used their children to gain information from the other spouse or to relay messages to them. Using your children in this manner can cause similar psychological trauma that may damage them for a long time.

Lying in Court

This, of course, should never be done under any circumstances, but when emotions cloud your judgment it can be easier to make a rash decision in order to try and gain some kind of advantage in the proceeding. Lying can extend outside of the courtroom and can take place on legal documents such as financial affidavits and official court documents.

If you are caught lying in court, the penalties could be severe, potentially including charges of fraud or contempt of court. No matter how hurt you feel about your divorce or your view of your ex, lying in court should never be an action you take.

Failure to Follow Court Orders

Court orders must be obeyed. Failure to do so can lead to legal penalties and can further complicate your case down the road. In addition, if you are trying to earn the judge’s favor throughout the case, failing to do what they have mandated of you is not going to look good.

Even after the divorce is finalized, it is important to be aware of the terms of your divorce agreement and closely adhere to them.

Financial Issues

Many people have made poor decisions that revolve around money during their divorces. Some people have withdrawn large sums of money from joint accounts without the other spouse’s knowledge or consent. Others refuse to double-check amounts and values and end up reporting inaccurate information.

As challenging as it may be to want to work through financial issues with your ex-spouse, being willing to compromise and work out a solution can end up saving you a headache later on in the process.

Failure to Hire Proper Representation

One of the biggest mistakes someone can make, perhaps the biggest mistake, is a failure to hire and retain the services of an attorney with experience handling complex divorce cases and all issues that accompany them. It is not smart to go through a divorce alone, as handling all of that work coupled with the emotional stress you may already be feeling may contribute to you making some of these very mistakes.

TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP wants to help you throughout your divorce. We understand the challenges and emotional obstacles you are going to face, which is one of the reasons why we treat each case as a unique case and empathize with our clients throughout the process.

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