How You Should Prepare for Your Child Custody Case

For any parent, engaging in a child custody battle as part of a divorce or paternity dispute is daunting. While you're trying to deal with the other details of your case and maintain a good relationship with your child, the last thing you probably want to do is stress out about proving your capability as a parent to the court. To that end, knowing what to expect from your child custody case ahead of time can help you achieve a better outcome and worry less about your case.

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Be On Your Best Behavior with the Court

Remaining amicable in the courtroom may not be easy, particularly if you're already somewhat estranged from your spouse. However, do your best and try anyway.

If the court ends up deciding your fate in a custody case, much of their decision-making will revolve around how you handled yourself in court. The judge will infer your temper and capabilities as a parent from how you represent yourself in court (at least to a degree), so keeping yourself on your best behavior can help you achieve the desired result more easily.

Don't Coach Your Children

For many parents, the idea of "coaching" children to respond to certain questions they know the court will ask is tempting.

However, avoid that temptation at all costs. The court will work together with third-party professionals to evaluate your child(ren)'s behavior in court, and the penalties for coaching a child during a custody case are hefty.

Gather as Much Evidence as You Can

If you're intent on providing that you're a more capable parent than your partner, evidence is king. The more information you have about any misconduct your soon-to-be-ex committed, the better off you'll be.

Pay attention to how your spouse behaves around the kids, and take notes or procure evidence such as recordings (check with your lawyer first to make sure recording is a good idea) to back up your case to the court.

Request an Evaluation if You Think it Will Be Helpful

You can request a third-party evaluation of your parenting skills. While it may be awkward and a bit uncomfortable, it's also a great way to showcase your home life to the court and enable the judge to make a more accurate decision.

At TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP we'll work with you to pursue the desired outcome in your child custody or support case.

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