Types of Expert Witnesses During a Divorce


Obtaining the ideal outcome in a divorce can be difficult. The less you leave up to chance and the more evidence you have on your side, the better. Whether you're filing for a contested or uncontested divorce, understanding how to leverage expert witnesses during your divorce can help you pursue a more equitable outcome.

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Experts for Child-Related Disputes

When people often think of expert witnesses in divorce cases, they tend to picture individuals more entangled in the financial aspects of the divorce (which we'll get to later in this blog). However, expert witnesses for child-related matters, such as custody and support, also often make an appearance in the courtroom. This can include:


If a child suffers from a medical condition that could impact a custody arrangement or change how much support they receive, doctors who specialize in caring for children - pediatricians - can make excellent expert witnesses.

Child Psychologists

A child psychologist can help a court understand a child's mental state heading into a divorce. This can help the court make decisions that serve the child's best interests, such as ensuring they spend time with each parent in an appropriate amount or attend a school that furthers their developmental needs.

A child psychologist can also be useful if a parent intends to try and display prove that their co-parent is unfit to parent their child or should not be given custody. If a child psychologist is able to get testimony from the child that they would prefer not to be parented by one of their parents or provides the court with expert testimony that one parent is unhealthy for the child, the court will take that testimony seriously.

Employment Experts

Employment experts often show up in child and spousal support disputes to help the court identify how much support a child or spouse needs to thrive, and how difficult it may be for a parent or spouse to re-enter the workforce post-divorce.

In situations where a potential recipient wants a higher support award because they argue it will be difficult or impossible for them to find a job that would afford financial stability, an employment expert can be an invaluable witness.

Financial Experts in Divorces

Now, let's cover individuals who perhaps are more likely to show up in divorce cases: Expert witnesses for financial matters.

Asset Appraisers

In any property division dispute, understanding the value of different assets is vital if you want to ensure they're distributed equitably between parties.

Asset appraisers often specialize in quantifying the market value of assets or property that are difficult to characterize, such as heirlooms, vintage cars, and houses. In situation where parties disagree on the potential value of an asset, both spouses may hire their own asset appraisers, so they can negotiate an agreed-on value that bridges the gap. Asset appraisers are also crucial in cases where one party (or both parties) owns a business that may be distributed as part of the divorce.

Forensic Accountants

Forensic accountants often see work in cases where one party wants to prove their spouse is hiding assets. A forensic accountant has the skills to track down hidden assets by assessing various financial records or helping an attorney complete interrogatories that help determine how certain property was expended or hidden throughout a marriage or divorce.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

CPAs often help courts understand how various aspects of the divorce - such as the outcome of a property division or support arrangement - could impact the financial future and taxes of the spouses.

Private Investigators

Private investigators often show up in contested divorces when one party wants to accuse the other party of something like adultery. A private investigator may be able to gather the necessary evidence to prove the fault-based allegations are correct, leading to a better result for the divorce petitioner.

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