Tips for Co-Parenting Throughout Your Child’s School Breaks

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Never Too Early to Plan Ahead

Though the school year has barely begun, many parents across the country (and especially their children) have started making plans for various break times, whether it be the holiday break, spring break, or even the next summer. For co-parents, it’s especially important to have a plan as early as possible to avoid headaches and to foster healthy communication with one another. Here are some tips to consider when planning for various school vacations.

Put It In the Parenting Plan

Your parenting plan can be your best friend when it comes to determining vacation times for a child. If in an even-numbered calendar year, for example, one parent may have spring break while the other has the holiday break and they split time during the summer. Having outlined plans put into your parenting plan can save time and potential conflict down the road.

Plan In Advance

Sometimes people make plans on the fly, deciding to go somewhere at a moment’s notice; that does not work with co-parenting, especially during school breaks. It’s incredibly important to have a plan for certain times of the year as early as possible to keep one another informed of your plans and to work out any issues that arise in them.

Communicate Early and Often

Plans typically are not successful until they are communicated effectively. Be willing to be open and honest about what your plans are and what you hope to do during these break times. Keeping communication open ensures to better protect you and your co-parent against misunderstandings and frustration.

Keep Your Kids First

While it can be easy to get frustrated with the other co-parent if unexpected situations arise or miscommunications occur, remember that these breaks should be about your children and giving them the best possible experience. Try to keep them first in your mind as you work out issues with your co-parent and be sure to stay positive around them.

Do Breaks Pose Issues in Your Custody Arrangement?

Trying to work through custody issues, especially around break times, can be difficult and lead to tense situations. If you are having difficulty working through breaks and holidays, consider working with an attorney. At TRABOLSI | LEVY | GABBARD LLP, we know how important it is to spend time with your child, which is why we will do what we can to defend your parental rights.

To get your questions answered or to speak with an attorney about your custody issue, call our office at (310) 455-8364 or visit us online.

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