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What can I do about an ex's substance abuse?

Whether it's related to drugs or alcohol, substance abuse is an issue that impacts the entire family. This is especially true when ex-spouses share custody, in which case their child could be at risk when spending time at the parent's house who uses drugs or alcohol. Very Well Family explains how to deal with this issue so your child remains protected. 

What can I expect during a supervised visit?

Supervised visitation is one possible outcome of a child custody case. While it's important for children to develop a strong, loving bond with both parents, a child's safety must take priority over all other factors. As a result, supervised visits are often mandated when there are concern's over a person's parental fitness. 

How does divorce affect children?

Even the most amicable divorces can have a negative impact on children. This has much to do with the changing family dynamic, which can cause stress and emotional issues for children of all ages. Being able to recognize common problems is the first step to adequately addressing them with your child, according to Very Well Family

How can I improve communication with my ex?

Effectively co-parenting with your ex can seem like a constant uphill battle. While you both want what's best for your kids, you might also have a hard time finding common ground due to hurt and resentment caused by your split. Communicating effectively can make a big difference in this case, as explained by

How can I make visitations easier on my child?

When you get a divorce in California, one of the hardest parts is helping your children adjust. Regardless of their ages, children have to go through an adjustment period. It can be difficult for some children. One of the most trying things is visitation. It is new and disturbing for them to have to move between houses when they have not done that before. There are some things you can do to make visitation easier on your kids.

What are some reasons kids misbehave?

If you’re a single parent in Los Angeles, you may be experiencing issues with your child’s behavior. Many kids act out after their parents get divorced, and the reasons for their actions can be surprising in many cases. Very Well Family offers a few common reasons for behavior problems in kids, as well as what you can do about the issue.

What is bird's nest parenting?

There are many different approaches to parenting. This is especially true in the case of divorce. Courts in Los Angeles are now encouraging alternatives to the standard setup where the children live with one parent most of the time and only have occasional weekend visits with the other parent. Instead, they encourage parents to find ways to co-parent so each parent gets equal time with the children. One such option is called bird's nest parenting.

What is parallel parenting?

Most couples in Los Angeles are aware of co-parenting, which is a technique thaat affords each parent with an equal say regarding decisions related to child-rearing. When it comes to high-conflict relationships a co-parenting situation might not work, for either the couple or the kids. Parallel parenting is one alternative that can reduce conflict and ensure kids are well cared for, according to Psychology Today.

How can I co-parent effectively with my ex?

One of the more difficult aspects of divorce is co-parenting with your ex. However, the health and well-being of your children depends on your ability to effectively communicate with your former spouse, whether you’re discussing visitation schedules, academic issues, or healthcare needs. Psychology Today offers the following advice in this case, which will help you co-parent with your ex in order to come to a reasonable outcome.

How do I bring up the topic of divorce with my kids?

California couples considering divorce have many tough decisions to make and telling your children about the separation is one of them. How you handle the initial discussion, as well as those still to come, can alter the way they see themselves and the rest of the world.

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